Pomy Singh, HipTen

Pomy Singh, HipTen



Experienced in both the insurance and IT industries, Pomy Singh realized the insurance industry was revolutionizing, yet many insurance agencies weren’t leveraging technology to streamline their operational efficiency and effectiveness – so she responded by co-founding HipTen, a Salesforce partner focused on digitally transforming the insurance industry, in 2016. Rising quickly as a female leader, Singh has doubled the company’s growth year-over-year since its founding. Her mission is to help evolve the insurance industry by bringing technology to the forefront of business practices. In order to do this, every year Singh hosts an annual e-summit that educates and inspires insurance industry leaders to leverage technology to streamline their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • HipTen
  • 4536 Ecton Lane East, Jacksonville, FL 32246

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