Michelle Earle, OmniSure Consulting Group

Michelle Earle, OmniSure Consulting Group

Michelle Earle
Founder, CEO

Michelle Foster Earle is the President, CEO, and majority owner of OmniSure, which she founded in 2000. Having been through both hard and soft market cycles, she knows the survival of any insurance business depends on having the right partners. She has positioned OmniSure as an independently owned third-party risk services partner that helps insurers, policyholders, and brokers reduce risk, prevent losses, and improve overall outcomes. Trusted by Lloyds of London, many well-known domestic carriers, managing general agents, program managers, and alternative risk markets, her firm has a solid reputation for coming alongside insurers to develop and improve their business portfolio. She does this, first, by providing underwriters with insights to select, more correctly price, and write the best risks. Second, her firm's high touch support ensures insurance partners improve retention, maintaining highly satisfied policyholders and brokers. And third, which is the core of her company’s offering, she helps all parties reduce risk, prevent and control losses, and decrease operating costs. The bonus is that the benefit extends beyond more profitable insurance programs; OmniSure improves care and saves lives, which underlying everything else is the mission that fuels Michelle’s passion and drives success.  

Michelle has an incredible team of experts from various healthcare, senior care, human services, risk management, and other professions in order to advise underwriters, brokers, and policyholders. Before founding OmniSure, Michelle was a healthcare executive herself managing multiple settings, types and levels of care. She earned a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Houston, completed her care management studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is a former Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator, an Associate in Risk Management, a Licensed Property Casualty Agent in Texas, and holds  several other state-specific insurance and risk management licenses and certifications. Michelle is also a frequent speaker for both healthcare and insurance trade associations.

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