Education and Training

Education and Training

Carrier performance: 7.25

What brokers want

“Newer producers and employees could use some training on carrier-specific issues”

“We rarely get any education from [our carrier]. They should have farm training on the ILS site”

Carrier performance: 7.25 While education and training from carriers is also more of a bonus than a must-have, brokers generally agree on the necessity of receiving relevant information on a regular basis from the usual channels – website and newsletters. They also agree that carriers could put in more effort in this area, giving them an overall average score of 7.25 – down just slightly from last year’s 7.31 – and awarding five-star ratings to only 14 carriers. “They try, but as with all companies, they do not go far enough,” said one broker of his carrier, while another said it seems to be a given that his carrier provides little training, and it’s a matter of “learn[ing] as you go.” Yet there are carriers that do provide quality training, whether it’s for new account managers or through short/online training courses. One respondent commended his carrier for having good online training and lots of information available, but added that “in-person training [is] very much lacking.” On the other hand, many brokers lamented their carriers’ lack of online training and “interactive data” on their websites. In the end, it seems what brokers really want is for carriers to use all the means and resources available to equip brokers the best they can.