President and CEO

Richard Miley founded BroadStreet Partners a little over a decade ago and has led it to become the 15th largest insurance broker in the country, with offices from coast to coast. BroadStreet’s unique co-ownership business model is one that appeals to a variety of partners, from single-owner firms to complicated ESOPs. And it’s been a successful model: BroadStreet has seen a compound annual growth rate of 21% since its founding. Miley’s unique vision for BroadStreet connects the best talent in the industry under a proprietary partnership model that addresses the reality of the industry’s demographics, while simultaneously responding to how entrepreneurs want to pass the torch to the next generation of agency leaders. “Our approach works best for a certain type of agency owner … the ones that are not done leading, not done growing, not done building and not done mentoring,” he says. 

Company Information

  • BroadStreet Partners
  • 580 N. Fourth St. Suite 450 Columbus, Ohio 43215

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