Chad Hoxie, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

Chad Hoxie, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

Vice president

The past year has been a fulfilling one for Chad Hoxie, who saw his strategic approach to workers’ compensation result in significant outcomes for clients, from achieving major savings by renegotiating TPA arrangements to scoring sizable premium reductions by identifying pricing redundancies. “With complex workers’ compensation placements and consulting, the approach is simple,” he says. “Bring on the best team of people and invest more deeply in the clients and industries we serve.”

As the architect of Alliant’s ResultsFirst program, Hoxie is responsible for furthering the company’s proprietary workers’ compensation solutions, such as TotalComp. With a solid background in underwriting and claims adjustment, Hoxie has effectively tailored workers’ compensation coverage to bring about meaningful change for his clients and continues to deliver clarity and certainty with tangible, measurable results.

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