Derek Lovrenich, CEO, insurEco System

Derek Lovrenich, CEO, insurEco System

Founder and CEO

An accomplished entrepreneur and insurance technology expert, Derek Lovrenich is widely known for producing the first insurance blockchain distribution solution for retail agents. For the past decade, Lovrenich has served as the founder and president of The Policy Spot, a mobile delivery platform for insurance professionals that enables them to efficiently deliver policies, manage certificates and receive payments without a merchant account.

In 2003, Lovrenich founded the cutting-edge insureEco System. Armed with a mission to disrupt the flawed insurance lead-generation market, Lovrenich launched an app called InsureBio that allows users to create a biography to have their insurance data stored securely within his company’s private blockchain. The up-and-coming app prevents personal insurance data from being sold, in addition to maintaining a top-tier commitment to security.

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