Michael Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies

Michael Jackowski, CEO, Duck Creek Technologies


Michael Jackowski has long believed that everyone deserves protection from life’s uncertainties. After 12 years of managing Accenture’s insurance practice, Jackowski spent nearly 10 years in leadership roles at Allstate. He then returned to Accenture to run P&C software strategy, including the firm’s acquisition of Duck Creek Technologies, which offers a full suite of technology solutions on which carriers can run their businesses. In 2016, Duck Creek was spun off as a privately held firm, and Jackowski was named CEO.

Under Jackowski’s leadership, Duck Creek’s 1,200 worldwide employees are driving the digital revolution in P&C insurance via SaaS solutions designed to lower expense ratios and transform the speed of the industry. Duck Creek continues to dedicate significant resources to building innovations that enable its carrier customers to develop and launch new and better products at a faster and more affordable rate than competitors.

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