Douglas Kerr, Risk manager, City of Baltimore

Douglas Kerr, Risk manager, City of Baltimore

Risk manager
City of Baltimore

Armed with more than 25 years of experience in risk management, including insurance brokering, claims administration and safety management, Douglas Kerr oversees the City of Baltimore’s office of risk management with a goal of ensuring employees abide by safety regulations while delivering key services. In recent months, Baltimore has been busy implementing housing regulations and tightening security measures in response to persistent issues such as the heating crisis, poor living conditions and continuing violence.

As risk manager, Kerr spearheaded the establishment of a strategic planning committee for the city’s workers’ compensation program, working with a third-party administrator, an occupational health clinic and outside legal counsel to develop best-practice strategies for the city’s risk program. He was also responsible for setting up a Safety Shoe Store, which ensures that employees are provided proper footwear for protection against workplace hazards. Kerr also co-led a risk team that oversaw safety and risk management for Baltimore’s first Grand Prix race, ensuring a safe event for around 1 million spectators of the street-circuit race.

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