Tamika Puckett, Director, office of enterprise risk management, City of Atlanta

Tamika Puckett, Director, office of enterprise risk management, City of Atlanta

Director, office of enterprise risk management
City of Atlanta

As the director of enterprise risk management for the City of Atlanta, as well as manager of the risk management program for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – the world’s busiest airport – Tamika Puckett relies on more than 15 years of experience managing complex public-sector risk management programs. Puckett has specialized experience in the areas of workers’ compensation, contractual risk transfer, training programs, and emergency preparedness and response.

Similar to many 21st-century risk managers, Puckett has cybersecurity threats top of mind. “With the growth of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, security and privacy issues are more prolific,” she says. “It has become more difficult to prevent cyberattacks and even more of a challenge to manage them once they occur. Many entities are looking to insurance companies to provide insulation against such exposures. However, it is necessary to take an integrated, enterprise-wide approach in order to effectively mitigate the risk of cybersecurity exposures.”

In an effort to reduce the probability of a threat occurrence or the impact severity of a risk, Puckett subscribes to a traditional strategic risk mitigation philosophy. “Once the risk has been identified and analyzed,” she says, “a determination on how to treat the risk must be made: accept, avoid, reduce or transfer the risk.”

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