Sahouri Insurance
McLean, VA

Allen Hudson’s role at Sahouri Insurance has been critical in the development of the agency’s proprietary niche market programs, including IT, international, real estate, construction and government contracting. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Hudson has managed the growth and development of a small commercial unit into a 15+-person team with revenue growth of more than 800% in five years.

Hudson has already crossed the threshold of $1 million in gross revenue at the age of 33, a feat he has achieved by strategically using technology to automate basic marketing functions.

“My advice to those new to the business: Don’t let old-school sales managers pressure you into producing immediate results,” he says. “Instant gratification and small wins distract you from the game plan. If you have a sound strategy, can explain how and why it will work, and set realistic expectations, you will succeed.”

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  • Sahouri Insurance
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