TrueNorth Companies
Cedar Rapids, IA

As principal and senior transportation specialist at TrueNorth, Bill Zenk’s mission is to address risk challenges in the industry through strategies that cover four core areas: legal and compliance, risk transfer, safety and driver capacity, and technology and administrative efficiencies. Zenk manages a team that serves motor carriers with large independent contractor fleets by supporting their risk management efforts. The team’s business model/approach has equipped them to work with more than 200 motor carriers and 35,000 independent contractors across the country. In March, Zenk participated as a speaker at the American Trucking Association Executive Leadership Forum, where he shared his knowledge on automating and simplifying business processes to manage independent contractors.

Zenk develops and manages Affordable Care Act-compliant and contractorcompliant benefit programs as well, which includes guarantee issue major and limited medical insurance placement and ancillary lines, contractor retirement programs, wellness programs, and coaching on healthcare reform strategies.

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