Frank H. Furman
Pompano Beach, FL

Robert Foote is president of Frank H. Furman, an independent agency established in 1962 to cater to middle-market private companies. Looking after the insurance needs of underserved high-hazard industry groups has compelled Foote to perform more due diligence to ensure customized solutions.

“When focusing on more difficult-to-place risks, it requires self-discipline to separate our submissions and clients from the average enterprise within the market segments we serve,” he says.

“We must have an intimate understanding of the risk profile and internal strengths of our clients to clearly communicate attributes of our clients’ operations to the insurance marketplace.”

In terms of the agency’s growth strategies, Foote points to its decision to stay “within our core industry groups. This enables us to forecast and predict the risk needs of our clients before they experience financial loss.” He also mentions the value of specializing: “The benefit of being a subject-matter expert in select industries is that it allows us to integrate into our clients’ operations as a stakeholder rather than just a vendor or service provider.”
FUN FACT: In his youth, Foote had a standing job every winter as a bat boy at the New York Yankees spring training facility in Fort Lauderdale

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  • Frank H. Furman
  • 1314 East Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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