Bob Hendren, Higginbotham

Bob Hendren, Higginbotham

“The strategy I’ve found successful for growing my book melds sharing value with communication,” says Bob Hendren, Executive Vice President at Higginbotham. “I look for ways to bring value beyond insurance coverage to my clients and prospects, like sending them OSHA compliance updates, assisting with their contract reviews, helping them with employee training, etc.”

For Hendren, consistent communication with clients about their operations is what helps him find opportunities to retain clients and earn referrals and new business. 

Placing more emphasis on “calendar discipline” was the key to Hendren’s success in 2018. He also identified areas in the market where he sees room for improvement, and plans to fill those voids when working with his clients. “I continue to see more gaps coverage, claims reserves set too high and brokers that have become complacent about educating their clients about the marketplace and outside the box options to control their total cost of risk,” Hendren explains. “My plan for 2019 is to continue to pull the curtain back on our industry, revealing what goes into marketing, loss control, claims and underwriting processes so my prospective clients can make well-informed decisions to best protect their businesses.”

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