Erik Sarkisyan, Underwriter, RIC Insurance General Agency

Erik Sarkisyan, Underwriter, RIC Insurance General Agency

Erik Sarkisyan
RIC Insurance General Agency
Specialty: Transportation

Born in Armenia, Erik Sarkisyan came to the US in 1980 and began his insurance career in the mid-1990s with Century National as a policy service rep for the commercial auto department. This experience led him to accept a junior underwriter position at McNabb Insurance, where he was eventually promoted to underwriter. Ten years later, Sarkisyan joined RIC Insurance General Agency as a transportation and business auto underwriter, helping retail agents find the right commercial auto solutions for their clients.

Sarkisyan says the major challenge in his niche is trying to keep carrier partners and retail agents informed and satisfied with the right coverage and premiums, adding that because this industry experiences severe and frequent exposures, it can be a challenge to underwrite to a profit for carriers. “Having great customer service skills is critical to our success, along with special agent and carrier relationships,” Sarkisyan says. “The transportation market is always changing, so therefore we must adapt as well.”

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