Craig Bruno

Craig Bruno

Age: 32

Recent business achievements: Heads one of the only agencies in the country to have a fully integrated ‘pay as you go’ workers’ compensation program that works with payroll companies, insurance carriers and insurance agents

Projects and initiatives: Spearheaded development of ‘pay as you go’ workers’ compensation program at

Craig Bruno is a determined innovator. “We are one of a handful of insurance agencies that has developed software to integrate with third parties for processing of pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation,” Bruno says. “We’re unlike your old-school traditional insurance agency that is still living in the paper age. We’re completely digital and offer convenient online quoting and servicing options directly from our website. We are truly the model for agencies of the future.”

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  • InsuranceTrak Services
  • 38 Cooper Rd, Rochester, NY 14617

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