Kristen Nunery

Kristen Nunery

Age: 33
Founder and CEO

Recent business achievements: Under Nunery’s leadership, myCOI grew by 156% last year and is on target to grow by more than 130% this year; myCOI boasts a 97% client retention rate

Projects and initiatives: Spearheaded the creation of myCOI – both the software and the company Awards and recognition: Indiana Innovation Award; Taylor University Business Plan Contest

Other professional roles: Judge for TechPoint’s MIRA Awards; judge for Purdue University Schurz Communications Innovation Challenge

Kristen Nunery began her career at a property management agency, doing rehabs and house flips. She soon realized that hiring subcontractors meant taking on major risk, because there was no easy way to manage certificates of insurance [COIs] that would reveal if subcontractors had the right level of coverage. That’s when Nunery decided to combine her property management and insurance experience to create myCOI, a software that collects and validates COIs and their supporting documents. Nunery is also involved in charitable work for Alzheimer’s research, and is a big supporter of women in the technology world. “Women in technology are few and far between,” she says. “I like to support those women.”

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  • MyCoi
  • 9700 Lakeshore Drive East Suite C Indianapolis, IN 46280 United States

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