Mike D. Ehrlich

Mike D. Ehrlich

Age: 32
Commercial President

Recent business achievements: Has set company growth records over the last eight years; has grown the commercial department by 400%

Projects and initiatives: Spearheaded marketing campaign to target new business; instrumental in obtaining a contract with a niche market

Awards and recognition: Crawford- Butz & Associates Agent of the Year (2009–present), Five-Star Professional (2009–present), and Chair member of MAIA’s Young Agents Committee

“Mike has changed the culture here with his youth, enthusiasm and attitude,” says Steve Butz, president of Crawford-Butz & Associates. “He’s earned the respect of the older agents and continues to mentor the newcomers with a plan for future success.”

Company Information

  • Crawford-Butz & Associates
  • 9700 Mackenzie Suite 120 Saint Louis, MO 63123

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