Casey Bello, Chris-Leef General Agency

Casey Bello, Chris-Leef General Agency

Age: 35

Eight years ago, Casey Bello joined Chris-Leef General Agency as a receptionist. Since then, she has been promoted four times and now manages a staff of 10 people across various functions, including administrative, marketing and policy technicians. As a vital member of the management team, Bello has worked hard to enhance the level of professionalism, efficiency, morale and overall customer service of the agency. In her time as operations manager, the company has doubled in size, and Bello has been instrumental to that growth through her work in streamlining processes, including the onboarding and training of new staff. In addition, she also ensures the company remains connected to the community by spearheading outreach efforts.

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  • Chris-Leef General Agency
  • Shawnee Mission, Kansas

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