Reyanna Sheets, Producer, Norman-Spencer Agency

Reyanna Sheets, Producer, Norman-Spencer Agency

Age: 25

In 2016, Reyanna Sheets managed to achieve net revenue of $490,000 and was recently recognized as one of the leading new business producers at Norman-Spencer Agency. But it’s not just business for Sheets – she is also involved with the agency’s nonprofit division and has received an award for being part of most philanthropic efforts.

Currently working on her Construction Risk Insurance Specialist designation, Sheets recognizes the need to keep expanding her knowledge within the industry. “With this industry, you see the direct results reflected upon the amount of work you put forth,” she says, “and you will only get the results you want if you put in the work required to get there.”


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  • Norman-Spencer Agency
  • 8075 Washington Village Drive Dayton, OH 45458

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