Hello Claims announces partnership with ATL Insurance

Hello Claims announces partnership with ATL Insurance

Hello Claims announces partnership with ATL Insurance

Digital claims management firm Hello Claims has announced a three-year partnership with Australian Transport & Logistics (ATL) Insurance Group.

The deal will see the claims firm, which utilises technology such as live-streaming to speed up the claims process, manage insurance claims related to ATL’s taxi business nationally.

The partnership will see Hello Claims implement its smart assessing and digital management platform to manage and repair taxis and speed up the claims cycle for ATL taxi policyholders. The firm will complete assessments within 48 hours with repairs completed in an average of five days.

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The partnership came together after a three month proof of concept trial but ATL embarked on an exclusive agreement with Hello Claims after two months of that trial.

Steve Nichols, CEO of ATL, said that the partnership is a positive step forward for the business.

“The data from the digital platform also enables us to see and manage risks as they occur across the supply chain, helping us to make more informed business decisions,” Nichols said.

Nick Herford, founder and CEO of Hello Claims, said that the deal will provide efficiency for policyholders while reducing operational costs and the lifecycle of claims for ATL.

“As a disruptor to the motor insurance industry, we are dedicated to continual improvement of our technology, that will provide our clients with a strong competitive edge, now and well into the future,” Herford said.

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