• Daily Market Update

    Report: US faces labor shortage in next ten years… Insurance sector welcomes 14,000 new colleagues… HP publishes cyber risk report… Wal-Mart division warns of risk from climate change…

  • If the crown fits…

    We asked brokers in a recent poll what movie best describes them and the insurance industry – and a few titles struck a few chords with readers.

  • Daily Market Update

    Insurance industry gears up for claims from Cyclone Maria… 6.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico’s Pacific coast… When is the right time to make a cyber breach public?... Climate change skeptic paid by fossil fuel firms…

  • More Sandy victims accuse insurers of doctored reports

    More homeowners who saw their homes damaged or destroyed in 2012’s Superstorm Sandy have come forward to level blame against their insurance companies.

  • Daily Market Update

    New York mayor hit by cyber attack… Citigroup commits $100 billion in climate change battle… Citigroup commits $100 billion in climate change battle…

  • Nationwide overland water protection an industry first

    One insurer has put its money where its mouth is, introducing Canada-wide overland water protection for residential property owners and tenants.

  • Climate Change paper welcomed by IBC

    The mountain of rising insurance payouts due to severe weather is being taken seriously by governments, as shown by Ontario’s discussion paper on climate change.

  • We’ve extended the deadline!

    We’ve been flooded with calls and emails by brokers asking for the Top 10 Brokerages deadline to be extended – and we’ve heard you loud and clear.

  • Overland flood insurance – how not to do it

    As Canadians still search for a viable national overland flood strategy, the British model has come under fire as a wasteful tax by critics.

  • Daily Market Update

    Sony avoids financial disaster from hacking… Insurers must react to technology disrupters… Corporations at increasing risk from regulators… UN puts health at the center of disaster resilience…