Seven reasons to use cloud services

Seven reasons to use cloud services

Seven reasons to use cloud services The current trendy tech concept is cloud computing. But is this hot topic just hype? Or could it transform our organizations?

There is an ever-present pressure on IT teams to do more with less. Data volumes are increasing, budgets are decreasing, and teams are spread past thin. Something’s got to give; but how does a brokerage decide if a cloud environment can help?

Anne Buff, an SAS Best Practices thought leader, offers these seven key business drivers that will help determine when moving to a cloud environment is no longer just trendy, but a necessary reality:

1. Rigorous fiscal planning
Reporting and budgeting have come under extensive review in organizations as a result of current economic conditions. Every department is expected to justify expenditures in short- and long-term plans. The justification and planning for hardware, software and related services can often be a bit of a guessing game, but migrating to cloud services can eliminate the guesswork. Predictable costs that can be directly associated with business activities result in more rigorous year-to-year fiscal planning.

2. Rising costs of hardware and software
While the actual cost of computing processing cycles continues to decline, the total costs of hardware and software needed to run a business are rising. What often catches companies off guard is the increasing rate of upgrades needed, particularly to handle the big data volumes necessary for today’s business analysis.

As project demands grow, so do the technical requirements. Business seasonality and economic ebbs and flows compound the difficulty, since computer centers built for peak loads have excess capacity most of the year. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Organizations that aren’t able to upgrade their technology in parallel with their business needs significantly impede their own growth. Cloud services offer organizations the ability to scale their hardware and software technologies with the needs of the business. (continued.)

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