B2B marketing from the perspective of Google’s top brass

B2B marketing from the perspective of Google’s top brass

B2B marketing from the perspective of Google’s top brass Although it was a me-too in the first generation dot com boom, search engine Google has evolved to become a technology force to be reckoned with.

The company has succeeded in staying as the top of mind credible search engine in the fickle technology world with a lot of help from its content strategy team, which develops new ways of making their products “sticky” among an audience with a short attention span.

Google head of content strategy for its professional applications Veronique Lafargue revealed in a recent report that as she works to develop engaging content for the technology giant, she includes time for creative pursuits in her work schedule.

In the report, Lafargue said she cleared her mornings of meetings and took up photography, and encouraged her staff to take up their own hobbies to help them develop a creative approach to work.

The result was a Google B2B marketing campaign that involved the staff taking thousands of photos of Google Apps users, and writing out their stories. This campaign was so engaging that users took as long as five minutes to read and explore the vignettes Google used for the campaign, the executive related.

By letting staff to be creative, Lafargue stressed that companies can discover innovative ways of creating content and implementing marketing strategies, which ultimately drive sales and customer engagement.

The content guru also advised marketing professionals to pursue creative hobbies, because they may have a direct and immediate impact on your campaigns.

Content developers must likewise cultivate solid, and amicable professional relationships with sales, marketing, and other companies and should work with them with the common goal of growing the organization’s business by sharing relevant information and discoveries with them.

Lafargue added that concepts mean nothing when a company does not take a leap of faith on them, so it must be ready to act on any concept that they feel will work and prototype and test it where necessary.