Where are America’s most aggressive drivers?

Where are America’s most aggressive drivers?

Where are America’s most aggressive drivers? Maybe it’s the heat?

New data from San Francisco-based connected car company Automatic reveals that drivers in Arizona are among the most aggressive in the nation. Phoenix ranks as the most aggressive American city on highways and city roads, and Tucson follows in second place on city streets.

By tapping its nationwide user database, Automatic looked at the “acceleration profile” of drivers in each major American city to see how often drivers suddenly accelerate or hard brake.

“More time spent at very high accelerations and braking indicates more aggressive driving,” explained Automatic Co-Founder and Head of Research Jerry Jariyasunant. “Drivers are usually more aggressive at lower speeds, believe it or not.”

Automatic took the data and broke it down along city streets and highways to identify the most aggressive drivers in each category. Aggressive drivers on highways are most prominent in:
  1. Phoenix
  2. San Diego
  3. Los Angeles
And the most aggressive drivers on city streets include:
  1. Phoenix
  2. Tucson
  3. Memphis
On the other end of the spectrum, drivers are least aggressive on highways in:
  1. Honolulu
  2. Boston
  3. Seattle
And least aggressive on city roads in:
  1. Honolulu
  2. Portland
  3. Seattle
Yet these statistics do not necessarily translate into high auto insurance rates. While California ranks among Insure.com’s list of top 10 states with the most expensive 2015 auto premiums, Arizona does not. Similarly, the states paying the least for coverage – Maine ($805), Ohio ($843), Idaho ($877), Iowa ($886), and New Hampshire ($905) – do not appear on the list for least aggressive driving.

There are, of course, several other factors that contribute to an auto insurance premium. In the most expensive state, Michigan ($2,476), unusual no-fault auto insurance regulation drives much of the higher prices.

Unlike other states, Michigan requires drivers to carry auto insurance policies with unlimited medical benefits. Insurers pay medical claims up to $530,000 in Michigan, while the nonprofit Michigan Catastrophic Claim Association covers any additional costs.

Car owners are additionally required to pay an annual assessment to the association, which is currently $186 per vehicle.

The Automatic study also revealed that Porsche, Benz and BMW drivers are among the most aggressive on the roads, while drivers of Subarus are a bit more laid back. Honolulu houses the country’s slowest drivers, followed by Chicago and New York, with average weekday speeds of 17, 18 and 19 miles per hour, respectively.

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