4 ideas for your insurance website this fall

4 ideas for your insurance website this fall

4 ideas for your insurance website this fall The slow days of summer are officially over. The kids are back at school, the temperatures are starting to cool and, most importantly, everyone is back in business mode. Everyone’s back in the office and wants to seem like they have their finger on the pulse - so it’s a great time of year to engage your site’s visitors with some great content. Here are four fall events that you could use as an excuse to create a blog post.

Football Season
“You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s not a football fan, so this type of blog could relate to so many different types of people,” says Emily Kaltman, Marketing Coordinator at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC). “And this topic lends itself to all sorts of different blog ideas. You could make a community post about your local high school, college or national team and post their schedule. You could also include your top tailgating safety tips. There's a lot of ground to cover.”

Fall Gardening and Lawn Care

As the fall weather kicks in and the mercury drops, the way people care for their lawns changes. Lawnmowers will be replaced with rakes and some dedicated gardeners will even aerate their soil in preparation for the winter months.
“If your agency sells a lot of home policies this could be a good idea for a post,” says Kaltman. “Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities and taking care of your lawn is a really important one.”
Share tips or a checklist on how to care for yards in fall. You could even have people submit photos and turn this turn this topic into a social media contest.
Local Fall Bucket List

Creating a bucket list for fall events, walks and activities is an effective way of driving traffic to your insurance agency’s website.

Reference local attractions – and even add hyperlinks if possible – and think about what events may be of interest to your target demographic. Including some of your own family’s traditions is a great way of adding the personal touch to you post.

National Voter Registration Day – September 27

In 2008, six million Americans didn’t vote due to missing a registration deadline or not knowing how to register. National Voter Registration Day is an organization who seeks to solve that problem and on September 27th, they will launch a mass effort to get the public registered in time for the election.

Why not write a blog post reminding your clients about the importance of casting their vote? Tell them how they can get registered and provide links to helpful websites and government agencies. “Insurance agents tend to be local so are able to investigate the deadline for their state and the specific steps needed to get registered,” says Vice President of Marketing at ITC, Becky Schroeder. “That applies to any agent anywhere in the country.”