Vice president of excess commercial casualty 
STARR Companies

Layla Greytok serves as vice president of excess commercial casualty at STARR Companies, where she leads a team of experienced underwriters. She has been responsible for building infrastructure and setting up systems and reinsurance for the accident and health agency of STARR, as well as developing the groundwork for the company’s D&O and DBA platforms. She has held several non-profit board positions, including as president of Casualty Underwriters of Philadelphia.

In her own words
"Most people don’t realize insurance is exciting. Insurance gives you a front-row seat to see different businesses, understand how they operate and help them protect their assets and grow. My friends laugh at me when I quote my first boss – ‘Insurance is my life. Insurance is my love!’ – but it’s true."

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  • STARR Companies
  • 399 Park Ave. 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022

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