Surer is a cloud-based insurtech platform with a digital ecosystem of intermediaries and insurers. We provide tech solutions to help orchestrate the network in the insurance industry, supercharging the workflows and processes of insurance intermediaries while driving efficiency of recruitment and product distribution for insurers.


Surer is to be a fully connected platform that can facilitate a ‘triple-win’ situation where policyholders can be better served because of a supercharged, tech-enabled intermediary force who can now advise better which ultimately means a more efficient distribution channel for insurers.


Revolutionise traditional methods by harnessing the power of technology to solve sales, workflow, process and distribution pain points for both the intermediary and the insurer.


Insurance is essential – it provides the means unforeseen catastrophes are lessened, and so, become repairable. Intermediaries are the keystone of this industry and provide the bridge between the policyholder and the insurer. We believe technology can be leveraged to supercharge and digitally evolve their roles which will ultimately drive wins for all three parties.


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