'Confident' employees still want training on gen AI tools: survey

Employees looking for training on AI ethics, compliance and security

'Confident' employees still want training on gen AI tools: survey

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Almost all employees using generative AI tools still want to be trained on using them, according to a new report, further underscoring the need for organisations to upskill staff in the wake of rapidly developing technology.

The survey from Hyland reached out to 900 full-time employees in the US who are using generative AI tools for work at least once a month.

It found that 95% of the respondents are already "somewhat confident" or "very confident" in using gen AI tools at work.

Despite this, 98% said they want some level of gen AI training, while 57% want company-specific training modules and programmes.

"We need to be ramping up our own AI skills — both within our technical teams, as those platforms on which our teams build solutions are rapidly deploying AI capabilities, and within our business groups so they, too, can understand where and how these technologies may have the most impact," said Steve Watt, Hyland's chief information officer, in a statement.

Demand for soft skills training

But the demand for training isn't solely for the technical aspect of gen AI tools, according to the report. Nearly half of the respondents said they want training-related soft skills, such as AI ethics (47%) and AI compliance and security (46%).

Dylan Border, director of cybersecurity at Hyland, said the findings indicate that users of gen AI tools know that "security is their responsibility."

"The survey data shows that these users are cognizant of their role in security, as they indicated they'd like more training and knowledge," he said in a statement.

"As enterprises, we can provide that to ensure we're providing as much security as possible throughout the organisation."

The findings further highlight the need for organisations to train their staff in using generative AI tools, even if they are already confident in using it.

Training staff on the technology has been one of the predicted trends in workplaces across the world, as generative AI becomes more integrated in employees' roles.

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