The ultimate guide to employee engagement: Part 3

The importance of adapting your employee engagement techniques

The ultimate guide to employee engagement: Part 3

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by Andrew Sumitani

Part 3 of 3

Read Part 2 here.

So far I've covered a lot — I've introduced you to the winning way to think about employee engagement and shown you some strategies you can apply today. But the reality is that employee engagement gets even more complex with large organizations. Some have multiple offices, and others with distributed workforces. Others have 100% employee turnover to deal with every year. Organizations are fraught with constant change.

But this is the very reason why employee engagement is important — so that organizations can embrace that change continuously. Not just once or twice a year.

When you follow the steps in this guide, you will start creating a culture around employee-led change. By enabling employees to not just bring up challenges but also brainstorm solutions, you empower them to lead and institutionalize the value of proactive action.

One of the best things you can do now is learn how others have raised employee engagement. There's no special magic to developing an employee engagement strategy, and many managers are on the same pathway as you. Many business leaders have written on this topic and refined those ideas.

Reach out to your fellow managers and talk about employee engagement. Talk about the level of personal investment they see in their employees. Ask them what they've done to raise that level of investment.

Chances are they are thinking about it too, and if you continue to learn and think about employee engagement, you'll stay motivated.

Closing thoughts:
If you haven't experienced issues of employee engagement as a manager, congratulations. You should continue running around high-fiving your colleagues every day. I encourage you not to relax though, for this might not be the case tomorrow. Remember; the best managers can, and do, engage employees wherever they go under any circumstance. Their mastery of this idea allows them to generate incredible value by fully tapping the talent potential of their teams.

Today's managers are measuring and increasing employee engagement to drive business results and build successful company cultures. It's almost not an option anymore for success.

Don't worry if you've already tried to raise employee engagement but it didn't pan out.
Just commit to starting today with this guide.

How has raising employee engagement made a difference for you?

This article by Andrew Sumitani originally appeared in TINYpulse.

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