Why good branding and good business are inseparable

Five key steps you can take to hit the branding bulls-eye and increase your chances of hiring the best talent while securing more clients

Why good branding and good business are inseparable
Between 2009 and 2013, indeed.com saw a 300% rise in job postings for the position of brand manager, evidence of an increasing emphasis on the role within organizations worldwide.
Monitoring your brand image ensures your business remains competitive inside and out; recruiting top talent and maintaining a favourable reputation with your clients.
With the insurance industry currently under a talent crunch, it is vital that brokers develop their own brand as well as their businesses to make them not only attractive to clients, but prospective job-hunters too.
Brett Minchington, chairman/CEO of Employer Brand International, noted that with the competitive market for talent, companies will have to offer more than job security and good wages to increase their chances of securing the best talent.

“It is clear that with the increasing talent shortages around the world, we will begin to see many more follow the lead of companies such as Google, IBM, Marriott, 3M, and EY in recruiting leaders to leverage the value an employer brand strategy has on profitability and sustainability,” Minchington said.
Here are steps you can take to build or enhance your company brand from within:
  1. Working with your marketing team to align employee brand with the company’s external brand, as viewed by the public.
  2. Creating a corporate culture that’s distinctive from competitors, and fostering loyalty among workers. A focus on innovation and rewarding unconventional thinking is helpful in making an organization stand apart from rivals.
  3. Offering cutting-edge benefits such as flexible work options or health care for part-time workers, which will encourage employees to spread positive messages about the company in their free time.
  4. Communicating business goals with employees, so they feel connected to company values.
  5. Embracing new technology to showcase commitment to younger workers and the next generation of innovators.

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