Bupa : Everything you need to know

About Bupa

Bupa is an international healthcare company that provides high-quality, affordable health services. Without shareholders, the company focuses on supporting its 17.5 million customers and reinvesting profits to provide better healthcare through its products, clinics, hospitals, and dental centres.

The company’s premium international private health insurance provides access to an extensive network of medical providers worldwide without referrals, independent second medical opinion without extra cost, and other health and wellbeing benefits. Meanwhile, Bupa’s international health insurance for business offers cover and benefits for employees.

Bupa built its core travel insurance product around premium emergency medical insurance, which gives customers the option to add non-medical and trip cancellation cover. It covers cruises, adventure sports, and US travel standards until the policyholder’s 70th birthday. It also offers cover for many chronic and pre-existing conditions.

History of Bupa

Bupa, which was initially called the British United Provident Association, was founded in April 1947 “to prevent, relieve, and cure sickness and ill health of every kind.”

Throughout the years, Bupa has focused on providing healthcare to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. In July 1948, the company had 38,000 customers and an 80% share of the private health insurance market in the UK.

In 2014, the company purchased a 49% stake in US health insurance provider Highway to Health. It also partnered with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) to give customers access to more than 1.2 million medical providers worldwide.

Bupa currently supports around 17.5 million customers worldwide. It also operates clinics, hospitals, and dental centres in some markets.

Leadership at Bupa

Evelyn Bourke – Group CEO

Bourke joined Bupa as chief financial officer (CFO) in September 2012. She became the acting group chief executive officer (CEO) in April 2016 until she stepped up to Bupa’s group CEO role in July 2016. Through the years, she has established a clear strategic framework to help the company focus on delivering for customers.

Bourke has extensive experience in global executive management; financial services, risk, and capital management; and mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Bupa, she served as the CEO of Friends Life’s heritage division. She also previously served as the executive director of Friends Provident, where she was responsible for strategy, risk, and capital.

Culture at Bupa

Bupa is committed to being a responsible and sustainable company. It focuses on providing quality services and delivering on its social and environmental commitments to have a positive impact on its customers and local communities. Its approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability (CSR) covers five areas:

  • Funding and providing quality health and care services: Bupa is committed to delivering value for money, providing exceptional care, and helping customers with healthcare concerns.
  • Being a place where people love to work: Bupa promotes a positive working environment, diversity, and people empowerment by providing tools, information, training, recognition, and rewards.
  • Conducting business ethically: Bupa designed its values and codes of conduct to ensure a culture that emphasises serving the interests of its customers and upholding internal controls, including specific policies and regulations.
  • Engaging with communities: Bupa connects with stakeholders, community groups, and sporting organisations to make a positive contribution to public health matters. It also has health foundations across the globe to invest in research and initiatives to improve public health.
  • Making a positive impact on the environment: In 2016, Bupa reduced its global carbon emissions by 1% to 149.7 ktCO2e through energy efficiency and renewable initiatives as well as the purchase of electricity from certified renewable sources. It continues to focus on promoting the use of renewable energy to address climate change.

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