Allianz CEO bullish on China despite “elevated uncertainties”

"Opportunities and challenges are around"

Allianz CEO bullish on China despite “elevated uncertainties”

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By Kenneth Araullo

Despite “a time of elevated uncertainties,” Allianz CEO Oliver Bäte said that he remains optimistic about the Chinese insurance sector, in addition to reaffirming the firm’s commitment to providing better services to its clients in the nation.

During the Allianz China Growth Forum, held in Shanghai earlier this week, Bäte acknowledged the prevailing heightened uncertainties as well as the increasingly challenging geopolitical environment, escalating inflation rates, and the mounting pressure of digitalisation as key concerns.

“In the intersection of insurance and wealth management, there's a lot of room for innovation that we can all catch up. So, opportunities and challenges are around,” Bäte said, as reported by Shine. “We are looking forward to collaborating with you and working with you for many, many decades to come.”

The forum concentrated on the current global economic and financial landscape, welcoming industry experts to share their insights.

GF Securities chief economist Guo Lei also discussed China's macroeconomic situation and capital market trends, emphasising the potential of equity assets in achieving sustainable growth.

“China's economy is gradually overcoming the phase of the greatest short-term pressure, with exports, real estate, and debt-for-equity swaps driving nominal growth at the moment. In the long run, the annual compound return of equity assets may be comparable to the nominal GDP growth rate,” Guo said.

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