Atradius releases update for its business intelligence tool

New version’s features and enhancements incorporates feedback from firm’s customers and brokers

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By Gabriel Olano

Atradius Credit Insurance has released Atradius Insights 2.0, the latest version of its well-received business intelligence tool. Feedback from customers and brokers was used in developing this particular update.
The software was first launched in Europe in 2014, and in Asia the following year, and provides an efficient, simple-to-use tool for managing portfolios by monitoring performance, identifying risk, and seeking opportunities.
Some of the new key features is an intuitive dashboard providing an overview of the portfolio status, as well as insights into credit limit decisions and deductions and the capability to create and maintain policy groups and buyer country groups. Users can filter and search information and quickly detect irregularities and areas needing investigation. Claims paid can be compared to the premium and interactive world maps are available to identify both business opportunities and risks.
Astradius Insights has won the Oracle "Fusion Middleware Innovation Award" in 2015 and was part of the top three for "Outstanding Online Platform 2015" at the annual Hong Kong Insurance Awards.
"The Insight tool has experienced steady growth in usage since its launch. Winning several awards over the past two years is testament that Insights is the software equivalent to a Raspberry Pi but for the credit insurance world; the ideal risk management tool for the savvy CFO and Controller wanting to access portfolio information anytime, anywhere and in whatever format required," said Eric den Boogert, managing director of Atradius Credit Insurance, Asia.
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