Brits get beer insurance amid Euro soccer tournament

New campaign to be promoted through multiple channels

Brits get beer insurance amid Euro soccer tournament

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Heineken has a new ad campaign, in collaboration with Publicis London, in which it claims it has introduced an ‘innovative’ insurance policy designed to cover football fans who accidentally spill their beer during the more stressful moments of the Euros (England, that’s most moments). Dubbed "HeineCare," this ‘policy’ says it offers a unique solution for fans at five selected UK pubs, providing a replacement pint if their drink is spilled in a moment of joy or frustration.

Chris Bruney, the creative director, along with senior creatives Andy Thirsk and Conor Barry, spearheaded the campaign. When an accidental spillage occurs, fans can scan a QR code on customized Heineken beer mats, input their personal details on the HeineCare website, and receive a voucher for a free replacement Heineken or Heineken 0.0.

The campaign will be promoted through various channels, including out-of-home activations, social media, and public relations efforts. The creative approach refreshes the old saying "don't cry over spilt milk" by swapping "milk" with "beer." Heineken's social media will highlight the most "spill-worthy" moments of the matches, such as controversial VAR decisions.

The participating pubs include The Faltering Fallback in north London, The Einstein in Liverpool, The Wonder Bar in Newcastle, The Brotherhood in Manchester, and The Brotherhood in Leeds. Additionally, Heineken has partnered with Amsterdam-based rainwear brand Rainkiss to produce "Pint-chos," stylish and lightweight ponchos that protect fans from spilled beer. These will be available for free in the participating pubs and can also be won on social media.

Heineken has enlisted celebrities, football personalities, and influencers to share content featuring them in Pint-chos, amplifying the campaign's reach.

Stephanie Dexter, Heineken's marketing manager, stated, "Heineken is committed to showing that being a real fan is not about how you look – it's about how you behave and express your love for football. But in the UK, we know expressing your love for football can be dangerous for beer. So, this summer, Heineken is committed to taking on the crucial job of protecting fans' beer."

The campaign is grounded in the insight that approximately 11 million pints are spilled each year during major sporting events, according to 2021 data from OrderPay.

Noel Bunting, Publicis London's chief creative officer, added, "Beer insurance is exactly the thing every football supporter never knew they needed, until now. We wanted the creative to speak directly to fans who know first-hand how easy it is to spill your beer while enjoying the match and let them know, there's no need to worry anymore. Dry your eyes and the table – HeineCare has you covered."

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