Far Out Friday: Top Gear trailer’s insurance spoof

The dour insurance worker stereotype gets fully exploited in Top Gear’s latest trailer

Far Out Friday: Top Gear trailer’s insurance spoof

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The Top Gear team have done a spoof of themselves being interviewed by a BBC insurance clerk as a way to promote their latest series.

And while it certainly plays for laughs, it does nothing to shatter the stereotype of insurance workers being dry, dour and colourless characters.

The scene is set in a brown-walled office full of files and folders with Top Gear’s latest presenter line-up of Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid nervously fidgeting before a brown-suited be-spectacled BBC insurance department worker.

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The humourless clerk waits until the clock strikes exactly 12pm before starting to grill them on prior motoring convictions, whether they will carry passengers, or partake in competitions.

As each presenter replies in the negative, the film interjects scenes of them being chased by police, picking up a group of naked ramblers and racing each other at great speed on a snowy mountaintop.

The final laugh follows after they are asked: “Will you be requiring fire cover?”

As they vehemently deny the need, The Stig walks in with his arm on fire.

This is the 24th series of the popular motoring show which has seen a few line-up changes since Jeremy Clarkson was famously sacked after punching a producer.

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc has now taken on the lead presenting role and reviewers say it seems he is prepared to go to ‘stomach-churning lengths’ to boost ratings.

These include eating a horse’s penis while filming in Kazakhstan!

Co-presenter Chris Harris said: “The weirdest thing I saw? I saw Matt try and eat part of a horse that was used in some sort of reproductive process and give up early on.

“I ate a half cooked sheep’s ear with a bit of mould on it. I thought I was going to be sick.”

Matt said it had taken a little time for the three presenters to get to know each other, but it was going really well, the Daily Mail reported.

“We are now getting to the point where we are really starting to click. We are having so much fun together,” he said.

The new series is due to start screening next month.

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