Former agent jailed for 30 weeks after defrauding insurer

The agent defrauded about HK$750,000 in commissions through false representations

Former agent jailed for 30 weeks after defrauding insurer

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By Kenneth Araullo

A former Sun Life Hong Kong insurance agent has been jailed for 30 weeks after being charged by the Independent Commission Against Corruption Hong Kong (ICAC) for defrauding the company she was working at.

Chow Tsz-sin, 30, was found to have defrauded Sun Life of about HK$750,000 by making false representations about the occupations and monthly incomes of applicants across five policy applications. She has previously been found guilty of four counts of agent using document with intent to deceive her principal, plus a count of fraud.

Chow’s sentence was passed down at the Kowloon City Court, where the presiding magistrate remarked that her behaviour constituted a breach of trust, and her custodial sentence was merited. According to a report from The Standard, Chow has been granted bail pending an appeal.

The court heard that between August 2016 and July 2018, Chow made false representations in four insurance applications with the intent to mislead her employer, Sun Life. She also falsely represented that she was the agent for another insurance policy, bringing the total misrepresented policies to five. Sun Life, believing that the information for the policies were genuine, approved the applications and paid out commissions totalling HK$750,000 to Chow as well as her line-up manager.

Recently, an Indian national and corporate director has been summoned to a Singapore district court after allegedly using the name of a fugitive lawyer to defraud two insurers into paying out nearly SG$77,000 in claims.

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