GIAJ chair details initiatives to promote insurance awareness in East Asia

GIAJ provides two actions to take to promote insurance in East Asia

GIAJ chair details initiatives to promote insurance awareness in East Asia

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By Halee Andrea Alcaraz

Keisuke Niiro, chairman of GIAJ, said that the organisation will continue to promote new initiatives to raise public awareness of the role and importance of insurance in East Asian markets.

In a message delivered in celebration of the 17th anniversary of the designation of East Asian Insurance Day, Niiro outlined the initiatives.

They include carrying out public relations activities through the GIAJ website and insurance business publications.

Niiro also noted the use of Insurance School (Non-Life) of Japan (ISJ) graduates’ network to celebrate East Asian Insurance Day and to call for participation in the next East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC).

“I would note that our industry’s mission is to contribute to the realization of a society that feels safe and enjoys peace of mind, not only by fulfilling the primary function of general insurance, which is to compensate economic losses in the event of accidents and disasters, but also through disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives and digital transformation,” Niiro said.

The GIAJ chair also noted that the industry is facing new risks including climate change effects and the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters worldwide.

“In these times of rapid environmental changes and unpredictability, I believe that the GIAJ needs to demonstrate more than ever the primary function of general insurance, which is to respond to natural disasters and risks in society and the economy and to make efforts to build a resilient society for future generations,” Niiro said.

He added that with this sense of mission, sharing Japan’s general insurance and disaster mitigation knowledge is meaningful for encouraging the creation of a mechanism of compensation for damage, as well as for preventing and mitigating damage.

In his message, Niiro also expressed his sympathy to people in countries and regions affected by natural disasters, and paid his respects to those involved in rescue and recovery efforts in affected areas.

The EAIC was established on Oct. 18, 1962. The EAIC is now the largest insurance conference in Asia, being attended by insurance practitioners from 23 countries and regions globally.

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