Global insurer unveils group-wide intelligence platform

Platform will enable seamless sharing of information across the group

Global insurer unveils group-wide intelligence platform

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Tokio Marine Holdings has announced the launch of a group-wide market intelligence platform to enhance its collaboration with external companies.

This platform, introduced in June, enables seamless sharing of information within the group, including updates on search and scouting for potential business partners and meeting minutes. The platform aims to improve efficiency and streamline the process of identifying and partnering with startup companies, particularly in the fast-growing insurtech sector.

Recognising the global growth and transformative potential of insurtech, Tokio Marine is actively seeking collaborations with insurtech companies to drive innovation and develop new insurance products, the company said. However, the lack of a centralised information sharing system had previously led to duplication and inefficiencies, with different group companies unknowingly engaging with the same startups.

To overcome this challenge, Tokio Marine co-developed the platform with Tällt Ventures, leveraging their Sønr Platform, which boasts a database of over two million companies with technologies relevant to the insurance industry. The platform enables seamless information sharing among group companies, ensuring a more coordinated approach to identifying potential business partners.

In addition to information sharing, the platform also offers features for effective information management. Users can assign attributes and tags to external companies, facilitating organisation and categorisation. Furthermore, each user has the flexibility to customise their home screen to display relevant information, enhancing usability and convenience, Tokio Marine said.

“The introduction of this system will allow us to simultaneously facilitate corporate search and horizontal development of collaboration,” the company said in a statement. “By leveraging the expertise of our Global Digital Innovation Labs, we aim to accelerate open innovation throughout the group.”

Last month, Tokio Marine Holdings subsidiary Tokio Marine Kiln announced the launch of a cyber and enterprise risk division.

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