Insurance Authority warns against fake website

The case is still under investigation

Insurance Authority warns against fake website

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By Abigail Adriatico

The Insurance Authority (IA) of Hong Kong has issued a warning to the public regarding a fake website posing as an insurance broker.

According to the IA, the website with the domain name of “” was pretending to be the official website of Arvuda Insurance Services Limited, a licensed insurance broker company in Hong Kong.

The insurance broker confirmed that it did not have any official website that it was operating, and the fraudulent website had no connection with it.

The case had already been reported to the Hong Kong Police Force and investigation is still ongoing. The IA said that those who may have provided their personal information to the fraudulent website or conducted insurance transactions through it should notify Arvuda as well as report the case to the police.

The IA website has a complete list of licensed insurance intermediaries in Hong Kong.

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