Leading property insurer releases new global flood map

Users can find out a specific property’s flood risk exposure just by typing in its physical address

Leading property insurer releases new global flood map

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By Gabriel Olano

As floods rise across the world, property insurance provider FM Global has produced a global flood map that can help firms manage the increasingly costly risks their businesses are exposed to.
The interactive flood map, which is available for free, is a scientific and strategic planning tool for business executives and risk managers to address natural hazard exposure all over the world. It provides a global view of various high- and moderate-hazard flood zones, even in areas where previously available information was unreliable, inconsistent, or non-existent.

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By typing in the address, users can find out their property’s flood risk, whether it’s a high-hazard zone (1% chance of flooding each year) or a moderate-hazard zone (0.2% annual chance of flooding).
“Flood is one of the costliest commercial property risks, and it’s only getting worse with climate change, globalization and urbanization,” said Brion Callori, senior vice president and manager for engineering and research at FM Global. “Companies with properties anywhere in the world can now quickly identify the base flood risk for all of their facilities on a globally consistent, apples-to-apples basis, at a resolution of just 90 meters by 90 meters.”

FM Global will be showcasing the map at the Risk Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference 2017 to be held from April 23-25 in Philadelphia.

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