Meet the world’s worst insurance fraudster

Woman tries to fake being hit by car but misses by a huge margin

Meet the world’s worst insurance fraudster

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By Gabriel Olano

Dashcam footage in Russia captured a woman’s hilariously ineffective attempt to fake an accident by throwing herself in front of a moving car – except that the car in question was still several metres away.

The car’s driver, whose identity was not revealed, caught the incident on his car’s dashcam as he approached a zebra crossing in Elektrostal in Russia’s Moscow Oblast region.

The footage shows the woman suddenly run out in front of the vehicle, lie down on the road, and roll around pretending to be injured. However, the car had stopped around five or six metres away from her, and there were no other vehicles in the immediate vicinity.

The Sun reports that the driver claimed that he saw someone filming the incident from a different angle, which could possibly be an attempt to make it look like he actually hit the woman.

Fearing that he was being lured into a compensation scam and that the woman would lodge a fraudulent insurance claim, he drove around the woman and immediately reported to the police with his dashcam footage as evidence of his innocence.

The motorist later uploaded the video on various social media sites, where it went viral. It is unknown if the police have identified and pressed charges against the woman.

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