MS Amlin partners with Moody's RMS

It aims to enhance exposure management and modeling capabilities

MS Amlin partners with Moody's RMS

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MS Amlin has formed a partnership with catastrophe risk modeling firm Moody’s RMS to enhance its exposure management and modeling capabilities.

A news release from the global re/insurer said the partnership intends to aid with integrating and upgrading analytical functions within its underwriting division.

Recently, MS Amlin transferred its exposure management team into the underwriting division in order to streamline decision-making processes and bolster alignment across departments. The firm will be adopting several advanced applications from Moody’s RMS as part of this move.

The implementation of cloud-native solutions from the Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform is expected to equip MS Amlin with advanced data integration capabilities, the release said, elevating the firm’s analytical processes to allow for more efficient underwriting, capital allocation, and pricing strategies.

By enhancing workflow speed and integration, analysts and modelers can shift their focus from routine tasks to “more high-value services,” such as providing insight-driven consultancy across the business.

Jessica Turner, head of exposure management at MS Amlin, highlighted the increasing complexity of global risk factors and the crucial role of advanced exposure understanding and scenario modeling in risk management and pricing strategies.

“The ability to deeply understand our exposures, to model scenarios, test a variety of hypothesis and then use that as the basis for our risk management and pricing is vital, if we are to continue our development as a leading Lloyd’s market player,” she said.

Turner also spoke about Moody’s modeling and analytical software and how this will “accelerate our capability and support our insurance and reinsurance lines.”

“We’re confident in Moody’s reputation as a partner that we can work with over the long term,” she added.

Similarly, Michael Steel, general manager at Moody’s RMS, noted the benefits of empowering risk modelers and analysts with high-performance, integrated applications tailored to their specific needs.

“The applications eliminate the burden of manual workarounds, and allow decision makers to focus on exploring and asking ‘what if’ questions using a uniform data set, and to share and integrate relevant insights to the wider business,” said Steel. “We are looking forward to working with MS Amlin to achieve their risk management and business goals.”

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