NHIA partners with HIMSS to work towards a digital healthcare future

Agencies aim to achieve the Quintuple Aim of healthcare

NHIA partners with HIMSS to work towards a digital healthcare future

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By Jonalyn Cueto

The National Health Insurance Administration, an agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan, and HIMSS have signed a memorandum of understanding to drive the digital transformation of Taiwan’s healthcare.

The memorandum was signed in a ceremony attended by key hospital executives and government officials. It is focused on the areas of digital capacity building, cybersecurity resilience, and workforce development, according to a news release.

“Digital health adoption is a vital step for Taiwan’s healthcare system to improve health equity and patient outcomes,” said Hal Wolf, president and CEO of HIMSS. “Through this partnership, the NHIA and HIMSS are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to increase patient access, better protect patient data and train the health workforce of the future. Together, HIMSS and the NHIA will help transform healthcare in Taiwan.”

Digital future of Taiwan’s healthcare

The modernization of healthcare has been inspired by the healthcare challenges of the pandemic, which forced healthcare workers to work at a distance. Over the years, major hospitals have adopted the digitization of healthcare. Several of them have been validated for Stage 6 and Stage 7 of the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), including the most recent revalidation for Stage 7 of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH).

Digital health ecosystems offer a strategy to identify and track progress toward the health goals of a person as well as their outcomes and health risks at the individual and population levels, according to the news release. The collaboration is aimed at developing a digital health ecosystem through an evidence-driven approach based on the HIMSS’ digital capacity and maturity frameworks. For instance, the HIMSS Digital Health Indicator provides a framework to serve as a guide in designing a care plan to show how care is delivered and how value is achieved. It is supported by the HIMSS maturity models: EMRAM; Community Care Outcomes (CCOMM); Digital Imaging (DIAM); Analytics (AMAM); Infrastructure (INFRAM); and Continuity of Care (CCMM).

In addition, both the NHIA and HIMSS aim to collaborate in developing courses for healthcare workers to further their professional development. They will provide professional certifications and accredited continuing education from globally renowned healthcare professionals to build a workforce that is able to support a digital health ecosystem and achieve the Quintuple Aim of healthcare.

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