P&I club comparison tool makes its maiden voyage

P&I club comparison tool makes its maiden voyage | Insurance Business Asia

P&I club comparison tool makes its maiden voyage
Latitude Brokers, a Hong Kong-based marine insurance specialist, has launched PILOT, a pioneering online P&I Club comparison tool, just in time for the 2017 renewal season.
PILOT provides important information about clubs in an efficient, interactive, and real-time format. This will allow shipowners to quickly compare clubs at a glance, as well as download individual reports. It is constantly updated with the latest financial information, historical data, S&P ratings, and membership overviews.
Currently, PILOT includes data about all International Group clubs, and Latitude is currently working on an update, which will include non-IG clubs, as well as specialist charterers and liability underwriters.
Vanessa Toucas, a founding partner of Latitude, said: “Our clients expected us to do something different to the traditional publications that are quickly out-of-date and rarely read in detail. Seeing club data in this medium makes such a difference.”
Charles D’Alton, also a founding partner, added: “PILOT has been very well received by the market and is just one element that demonstrates our approach. It is so much more user-friendly and means clients can focus on the information that is key to them, whilst being certain that it is up to date.”

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