Sun Life aims to create "multi-generational" advisory force in Asia

Company encourages its advisors to recruit family members to join the business

Sun Life aims to create "multi-generational" advisory force in Asia

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By Gabriel Olano

Sun Life has launched the Agency Legacy programme in Asia, which consists of a series of knowledge sharing, digital training and recruitment initiatives that aim to recruit the next generation of Sun Life advisors and empower them to build multi-generational businesses.

Sun Life has been present in Asia for around 150 years, and some of its advisors have built multi-generational businesses. The Agency Legacy programme aims to encourage more of its advisors to recruit members of their family to join the workforce. Sun Life said that this helps them build multi-generational businesses and gives their clients confidence in the next generation of advisors. Second-generation advisors will be able to help their parents’ businesses grow, introducing clients from new generations.

As part of the programme, Sun Life also launched LEGACY Magazine, which provides insight and practical tips to its advisors about building teams with family members and serving clients across generations. The magazine includes success stories from families of Sun Life advisors in various markets in the region, including Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines. According to the insurer, these families have effectively adopted and executed the principles of the Agency Legacy programme, which can provide life-long services to their clients, in return.

“We are excited to launch our Agency Legacy programme in Asia,” said Carene Chia, chief distribution officer, Sun Life Asia. “At Sun Life, nurturing and developing talent is top of our mind. The stories from our advisors are truly inspirational to the next generation, who build on their success and seek out fulfilling careers. By creating a legacy business, we can ensure our clients experience continuity from the most passionate and committed allies at Sun Life. We hope these great stories will inspire more families of advisors in the region. Our Agency Legacy programme will allow the next generation of advisors to help more people achieve a brighter future."

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