Sun Life Hong Kong expands healthcare offerings

Move aims to address growing mobility between two regions

Sun Life Hong Kong expands healthcare offerings

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By Roxanne Libatique

Sun Life Hong Kong Limited has announced a significant expansion of its healthcare offerings to address the growing mobility between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The company, responding to the increasing demands for cross-border medical services between the two regions, has enhanced its list of designated hospitals in Mainland China and upgraded its Cashless Arrangement Service.

Demographic shift

Sun Life Hong Kong noted recent government statistics indicating that around 500,000 Hong Kong residents were staying in Guangdong Province as of 2022.

This demographic shift – driven by factors such as retirement, work-related relocations, and an influx of Mainland professionals – underscores the heightened demand for premium medical services across borders.

Sun Life Hong Kong's initiative aligns with this trend, seeking to cater to the evolving landscape.

Expansion of designated hospitals

In response to the developments mentioned above, Sun Life Hong Kong has expanded the list of designated hospitals in Mainland China for eligible medical plans.

This expansion covers over 4,200 hospitals, including Grade 3 hospitals in Mainland China (Class Special, A, B, C), Class 2A hospitals in 21 designated cities (including nine municipalities within the Greater Bay Area), and designated private hospitals.

Service enhancement

Sun Life Hong Kong is taking a leading role in enhancing its Cashless Arrangement Service in Mainland China, extending coverage to nearly 2,000 hospitals.

The enhancement includes all Class 3A public hospitals across Mainland China and all Class 2A public hospitals within the Greater Bay Area. Upon obtaining pre-approval for the service, the insurer will cover all eligible medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation.

Medical support services

Clients in Hong Kong and Mainland China can access comprehensive medical support services through eSunPro, a one-stop healthcare service platform. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive genomic profiling for qualified clients diagnosed with a solid tumour
  • Local urgent care services
  • Cancer and Stroke Family Support Program.

Attentive medical support services

In Mainland China, clients can benefit from services like AdvicePro (face-to-face second medical opinion service) and Mainland China VIP Medical Navigation Service. The latter offers accompanying and navigation services at designated Mainland China VIP Hospital Network, along with local doctor referral and booking assistance for hospitalisation.

Sun Life Hong Kong is also strengthening its collaboration with HealthMutual Group Limited to enhance medical claim support in the Greater Bay Area, ensuring a more tailored experience for clients.

Margie Lee (pictured), chief operations officer of life and health of Sun Life Hong Kong, highlighted how the expanded list of designated hospitals and the Cashless Arrangement Service, coupled with comprehensive medical protection, strengthen support for clients in the region.

“The surge in cross-border travel between Hong Kong and Mainland China has led to an escalating need for cross-border medical services in the Greater Bay Area. As a trusted partner in health, our enhanced list of designated hospitals in Mainland China and Cashless Arrangement Service, coupled with our comprehensive medical protection, help strengthen support for our clients in the region,” she said. “With the expanded partnership with HealthMutual Group Limited, we are set to deliver a more diverse and attentive cross-border medical service experience to our clients.”

The expansion follows Sun Life's announcement of a new initiative that offers high-net-worth (HNW) clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan access to PinnacleCare's specialised private health advisory services.

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