This sock puppet will sell you car insurance

Insurer launches quirky ad campaign that uses a “spokespuppet” instead of a famous celebrity

This sock puppet will sell you car insurance

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By Gabriel Olano

Image credit: Budget Direct Singapore

The world of insurance advertising is expensive and highly competitive. Usually, insurers enlist the services of famous celebrities and embark on glamorous ad campaigns to catch consumers’ eyes.
However, Singaporean auto insurer Budget Direct Insurance did the opposite. Instead, it struck a deal with a red sock puppet named Budsy and launched a campaign that is more reminiscent of “Sesame Street” than most other glossier insurance advertisements.
According to Geoffrey Dickman, Budget Direct’s head of marketing for auto and general: “Introducing Budsy as the cheerful spokespuppet allows us to challenge the convention of how most Singaporeans buy their insurance. Within a relatively cold and impersonal category, we can be direct in our messaging in a way that is disruptive and engaging.”

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The ad campaign, which was created by Cohort Communications, uses simple visuals and props, as well as light and cheerful music. Launched in January and expected to continue throughout the quarter, it spans print, online videos, PR activation, and social media.
Budsy, who is fully aware he is a puppet, even engages in some tongue-in-cheek humor as he sells his product.
“How did they keep prices low?” he asks in one on of the video ads. “Well, I’m only a sock puppet, not an overpaid actor.”

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