Uber and AXA partner up for free insurance in France

Ridesharing firm has faced plenty of criticism but now aims to hit back

Uber and AXA partner up for free insurance in France

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By Lyle Adriano

Uber has partnered with AXA to provide the former’s drivers with free insurance.

The partnership, announced yesterday, follows similar statements Uber has made in other regions where it does business (such as the US and Britain), wherein the company has revealed new benefit package schemes for its drivers.

“This partnership will provide a safety net for the independent workers who enjoy flexible work at the touch of a button and we’ll carry on listening about further improvements we can make to create the best possible experience,” Uber Europe, the Middle East, and Africa head of operations Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty said.

Fortune reported that while no details of the benefits scheme for French drivers were provided, it has been confirmed that the insurance would be offered at no charge. A statement from the two companies said that further information would be made available once the system is implemented in the autumn.

AXA said that the benefits will cover medical expenses, disability indemnities, and survivor benefits in case of an accident.

As in other countries where it operates, Uber has been challenged by France’s legislators, workers’ rights advocates and the taxi industry. Detractors of the ridesharing company say that Uber is capable of unfairly undercutting rival services because it uses independent workers – workers that do not have the same rights and benefits as permanent employees. Uber’s collaboration with AXA is an attempt to address the benefits issues its critics have raised against it.

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