Uber Hong Kong claims it has solved insurance fiasco

Even if the insurance issue is resolved, several legal obstacles to the company’s operation still remain

Uber Hong Kong claims it has solved insurance fiasco

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By Gabriel Olano

A month after five of its drivers were convicted for driving without third party motor insurance, Uber Hong Kong has said that the gap in coverage has been closed, with at least one successful claim made.

According to Kenneth She, general manager of Uber Hong Kong, a customer has “successfully claimed insurance” through its third party coverage.

The claim, reports SCMP, was made via the agreement between Uber and AIG signed in February, which provides coverage of up to HKD100 million for any ride-sharing trip within city limits.

Uber refuses to reveal more specific details of the insurance agreement, She assured the public that drivers are familiar with the policy.

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While the insurance issue seems to have been resolved, opposition to Uber still remains.

Ben Chan Han-ban, chairman of the Legislative Council’s transport panel, said that, insurance aside, there is still a huge issue about Uber’s mode of operation in Hong Kong.

“The biggest problem facing Uber is that its vehicles are operating without a licence,” Chan told SCMP. “Besides insurance, there are many other legal issues. I will not rule out the possibility [that Uber may be allowed to operate legally], but even if the laws are to be changed in future in line with technology, there is still a process.”

“We are not a taxi company,” She said in response. “We are an operating platform, so the way we operate is different from taxis.”

The company is currently communicating with lawmakers to work out the issue, She added.

“We want to see new types of transportation methods for Hong Kong people.”

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