Zurich continues COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Group on quest to ensure ‘everyone has a chance to be protected from COVID-19’

Zurich continues COVID-19 vaccination campaign

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By Roxanne Libatique

Z Zurich Foundation, the charitable foundation established by Zurich Insurance Company, has announced the continuation of its fundraising campaign to help UNICEF deliver 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines globally by the end of 2021.

As part of the campaign, Z Zurich Foundation has committed to matching funds raised up to CHF 2.5 million (approx. SG$3.7 million). The commitment follows initial donations made by the foundation to help UNICEF deliver over 1.1 million doses globally through the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (COVAX Facility).

The foundation has also launched various local fundraising campaigns in collaboration with the local business units and employees of Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) globally – inviting contributions from the community, including Zurich's suppliers, distributors, customers, and the public.

“There is a global movement to ensure everyone has a chance to be protected from COVID-19, and we applaud everyone who has been supporting it through our own initiative or others. Every commitment counts to provide equitable access to vaccination,” said Gregory Renand, the head of the Z Zurich Foundation.

UNICEF and its partners have been working on a vaccination procurement and supply program to vaccinate frontline healthcare and social workers, as well as high-risk and vulnerable people worldwide.

Through the COVAX Facility – along with GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, WHO, and CEPI – UNICEF is leveraging its unique experience as the largest single vaccine buyer in the world by working with manufacturers and partners on the procurement and supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

“As citizens in wealthy countries begin to return and resume their lives in a post-vaccination world, for low-income countries, the future is still uncertain with the vaccine rollout slow and uneven,” said Carla Haddad Mardini, the director of private sector fundraising and partnerships at UNICEF.

“UNICEF welcomes this expanded commitment from the Z Zurich Foundation to continue raising valuable resources and help us in our mission to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to where they are needed most.”

UNICEF is also working with WHO, PAHO, GAVI, and other partners regionally and globally to support countries in preparing for their COVID-19 vaccine rollout – including assessing capacity and helping countries to strengthen their cold storage capabilities and supply chains to ensure the countries have adequate infrastructure to transport and store the vaccines.

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